Website Design

Below you will find some features that help you make a bigger impact on the web!

Adobe™ Partner

We have partnered with one of the leading website hosting companies to provide a robust platform that can deliver under pressure. Tested and proved to keep up with your growth.

WordPress Expert

Are you a local business wanting to take your first steps to getting online? WordPress is a great platform that can help make your first web presence and get your name out in the community.


Do you like the look of a certain website? Want to have a feature that another site has? Cascadia can help make your site match your business needs!

Blogging Engines

Blogging is a great way to connect with your viewers/customers/clients to share information related to your business and/or market.

Mass Marketing

Do you have a large mailing list? You can create your email blasts ahead of time and schedule them to be sent out on a day and specific time. Let the website do all the hard work for you!


Time to reach a broader audience! You can sell all of your company's products online and have an inventory management solution so you know how much you have of one product.


For businesses looking to pay for a website over time. After 12 months, the website is yours!*

$ 90

Per Month For 12


Silver plan

$ 225

Per Month For 12


Platinum plan

Bronze plan

$ 45

Per Month For 12


$ 135

Per Month For 12


Gold plan

Free Domain

2 Free Domains

5 Free Domains

10 Free Domains

Up To 5 Pages

Up to 10 Pages

Up to 15 Pages

Unlimited Pages

1 Free Email Account

Up To 3 Free Email Accounts

Up to 5 Free Email Accounts

Up to 10 Free Email Accounts

12 Months of Hosting

Mass Marketing Manager

Mass Marketing Manager

Mass Marketing Manager

12 Months of Hosting

Blog Engine w/Ad Manager**

12 Months of Hosting

Blog Engine w/Ad Manager**

eCommerce Support

12 Months of Hosting



$ 50

Per Hour

so how it all works

Need a website built? Great! We would be happy to get right on that and get it started for you!


Already have a website? That's awesome!

We can work with your existing site and keep it running smoothly and making those changes whenever you want.

*After 12 months of payments, the website files become the property of the client. Continuing Annual Costs will Apply.

**Ads are areas where custom ads or Google Adsense can be integrated into the site. Cascadia is not responsible for filtering, monitoring, and/or providing ads.

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