Domain Management

Time to wrangle in all of those websites and protect your identity on the web!



Starting at $ 25

Per Year

Private Registration

Custom Sub-Domains

Custom Email Forwarding

Enterprise Infrastructure

so how it all works

So you have a business and you are wanting to make your website costs more affordable without compromising on quality or service? Well you're at the right place!


We offer free privacy registration, so when you buy a domain your name, number, and address are not on display for anyone to find. Other companies charge extra for this, which we think is silly. Another awesome feature is the custom sub-domains! This is a useful service if you have an email server, a web application on a different computer, or just some files you want to display when you go to


Plus unlike any other domain registry, we will be able to share access to the domain's settings. So you'll have your own login to be able to change the various DNS, Public Registration, and various other settings. (We wouldn't recommend this unless you know what you're doing.)


Due to the variety of names and extensions (.com, .org, .net, etc.) we can't list a flat rate price, but we can get an estimate of what your domain would cost! Totally free of charge.

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